Writing for the Love of It

Recommendation from an attendee of a previous WriteLines Retreat:

The first time I attended a Writelines retreat, I was scared to death. I had written all my life, but (as I was approaching 50) this was the first time I declared myself as a writer. I had never read anything aloud; I had never had anything published; I had only limited experience with workshops. As I drove to the workshop, I argued with myself. What possessed me to travel so far to an island I knew nothing about, to stay with people I didn’t know, to do something that scared me? For me? This was a very brave thing indeed.

Now five years later (or more—no one is exactly sure) I AM a writer. The support and encouragement I found at the WriteLines Retreat acted as a catalyst for me to complete a BA in creative writing, earn an MFA from Stonecoast, submit and publish several pieces of poetry and flash fiction, write a novel, teach creative writing in a prison, win a poetry award, and generally, to become braver about pursuing my dreams.

That is not to say you must be a career writer to attend a WriteLines Retreat  I attend because I love it!  Dale and the attendees are supportive, kind, and fun. As an engineer and a human, I often find I don’t have the time I would like to devote to my writing. A WriteLines Retreat gives me that time. Sometimes I arrive with plans and sometimes not. Every year I fill a notebook with things I would not have written anywhere else. I am usually one of the last to sign up, but the first one to talk about going. 

For the newbies: be ready to participate in whatever little adventure Dale dreams up for us; and to write, write, write. You are a writer now and you are going to have a blast!


You will create new material from carefully chosen prompts designed to awaken your creativity; you will learn new tips to strengthen your writing; you will gain writer friends; you will leave pumped to start  a new project, continue with a project, or finish a project. 

$110 includes full-day workshop and lunch.

Columbus Day, October 10, 2016, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  What will you do with your day off? How about joining us for a full day writing workshop in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

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